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Title: A Favor Between Friends
Author: antiquatedsorceress
Artist: writingupsidedown
Pairing: Merwaine, Merthur, endgame Merwainethur
Rating: M

"It’s driving you mad, isn’t it?” Gwaine asked, and instead of arguing, Merlin was silent. After a few moments, he turned around to face Gwaine, eyes narrowing with caution. “Merlin, I am in no way telling you to give up what you feel for Arthur. But I think you need a way to let off a bit of the tension… Between trusting friends.”

They shared a silence. Though Merlin was clearly confused, Gwaine worried more that the booms of his heart echoed through the chamber. He pinpointed the exact moment realization seeped into Merlin—eyes widening, eyebrows scrunched, mouth open in words of surprise he couldn’t yet form.

“Only if and when you want,” Gwaine assured, when he could still convince himself he could overlook his affections for Merlin’s sake.

Now, as Merlin moans into Gwaine’s mouth, Gwaine wonders how he ever managed to believe his offer would leave him anything but fucked—in both senses of the word.

Word Length: ~20,000
Warnings: None
Notes: Thanks so much to Gwaine Fest for giving me reason to finish my fic, to the lovely mods, to Sam helping me find direction, and to writingupsidedown for her artistic talents!
Disclaimer: Merlin belongs to the BBC, not me.

Fic: AO3

Art: Tumblr


Title: Say You’ll Stay With Me
Author: timelockedincamelot
Artist: artgroves
Pairing: Gwaine/Arthur
Rating: Explicit
Summary:  When Gwaine, a down-on-his-luck prostitute in Hollywood, gets picked up by wealthy businessman Arthur Pendragon, he can’t believe his luck. And when their arrangement is expands to include being his escort for several business and social functions, neither of them could predict how their relationship would develop. Merlin/Pretty Woman fusion fic.

Word Length: WIP (16,786 right now)
Warnings: Prostitution

Fic: AO3
Art: Tumblr | AO3

Title: Gwaine, South of the Border
Author: rachelautumn
Artist: onceandfuturekimli / violeteyedhair
Pairing: Arthur/Gwaine
Rating: Not Rated
Summary: After losing his bodyfriend to another man, all Arthur Pendragon wants to do is run and hide. He runs all the way to Mexico, where he is kidnapped by an attractive bandit and learns that sometimes you have to lose to win.
Word Length: 42,380
Disclaimer: We don't own Merlin! This is just fanwork.

Fic: AO3
Art: LJ
Title: Unintended
Author: sassafrasx
Artist: wassereis
Pairing: Arthur/Gwaine, Gwaine/Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, Arthur/Gwaine/Merlin
Rating: Explicit
Summary: Gwaine would like it to be known that he did not intend for any of this.

Although he thinks it all turned out rather brilliantly for everyone involved in the end.

In which Gwaine's a nurse, Arthur has too many layers but is probably not an ogre, and Merlin has no fashion sense but definitely needs more sleep.
Word Length: 12k
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: HA. Don't own. Things would have turned out very differently otherwise.

Fic: (Link)
Art: (Link)

The Parting Glass

Artist: disco_mouse
Author: alessiasrequiem
Pairing: Gwaine/Merlin
Warnings: None for Art

Art: Livejournal :: A03 :: Tumblr :: dA #1 and #2

Fic: http://archiveofourown.org/works/1264792 (WIP, incomplete)
Fic Summary: Reincarnation, Historical Accuracy, Easter Rising 1916

Title: This is Where Life Begins
Author: arthurkingofcamelot/SideSteppings
Artist: onetobeamup
Pairing: Gwaine/Merlin/Arthur
Rating: Mature
Summary:  Gwaine is an orphan, living in the streets of Camelot. He and his friends get by, but Albion is a kingdom at war and darkness has entered the kingdom through the rebel group called the Angyal.

Gwaine doesn't really want to be involved but he may not have a choice. Destiny plays a dark game.

Word Length: 29,611
Warnings: Character Deaths, Implied Torture
This was fun, I might go collapse now though. Thanks to Kimli and Sam for being wonderful mods in my first fest, my beta twistofapen (LJ) and above all to Zoe, for heaps of fun, amazing art and an excess of pie.
I don't own Merlin unfortunately, otherwise, there would still be a show.

Fic: AO3
Art: Tumblr


Title: To Court A King’s Manservant
Author: violeteyedhair / onceandfuturekimli
Artist: newtalby
Pairing: Merlin/Gwaine
Rating: Teen+
Summary: Gwaine begins courting Merlin. At first, they keep it a bit hush-hush, a shared secret. Eventually, though, their not-so-subtle interactions (smirking, grinning, and lewd gesturing) gets them caught by Arthur, who thinks Gwaine isn’t good enough for Merlin given his loose history with women. Arthur tries to talk Gwaine down from pursuing Merlin, but their sincerity ends up surprising everyone and Gwaine shows that sometimes he’s not all talk.
Word Length: 5,408
Warnings: Dirty humor and conspiratorial giggling.

Fic: AO3

Art: Tumblr


Title: Right Here, Right Now
Author: wreck / endlessmeg
Artist: merlin-willcome-withme
Pairing: Gwaine/Will
Rating: R
Summary: The last thing Gwaine expected when he went down to the bar to lament New Zealand’s victory over Ireland was to find comfort in his neighbor, Will. While they’ve always more or less snarked at each other, they bond over their dislike of the wealthy and their protectiveness of Merlin. Gwaine can’t get an exact read on Will, but he’s determined to see how far he can take it (and maybe he can finally get just one other person to watch rugby with him).
Word Length: 6752
Warnings: language, rugby talk

Fic: AO3

Art: Tumblr


Title: That Ass is Sweet Torture
Author: lycan_arcady/thingsKTsays
Artist: Zoe/onetobeamup
Pairing: Gwaine/Percival
Rating: PG-13
Summary: See, the problem isn’t that Gwaine doesn’t like Percival. Nor is it that Percival doesn’t like Gwaine (which is an utterly ridiculous notion). The problem is that Gwaine doesn’t know what to do about it.

(In which Gwaine makes many attempts to woo Percival, none of which are successful, and Percival patiently waits to see if Gwaine is serious before making his move.)
Word Length: 6,517
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: None of the characters belong to me. Art belongs to Zoe/onetobeamup

Fic: Found on AO3
Art: Found on onetobeamup’s Tumblr

Fic + Art: Point of Know Return

Title: Point of Know Return
Author: jadedlane / cozycatastrophe (tumblr)
Pairing: Just Merlin and Gwaine goofing off.
Rating: T
Summary: Merlin has always tried to keep his magic a secret. Fortunately, there have only been a handful of people that discover his true talents. Unfortunately, one of those people turns out to be Gwaine, after the knight witnesses Merlin saving Arthur's neck yet again. Merlin knows that Gwaine would never want to use magic for evil... but that didn't mean that Gwaine probably wasn't going to abuse the power.
Word Length: 8,850
Warnings: None.
Note: I had such a blast working on this fic, especially with the amazing support from Kimli (an amazing artist) and the rest of the community. Thanks to our wonderful mods for a fantastic fest!
Disclaimer: If I owned Merlin, it wouldn't have ended. Trust me on this.
Fic: AO3
Art: LJ Tumblr